Oppression Aware Therapy

I have additional training and focus on providing oppression aware therapy. This means that I can hold and understand the way that identities can impact a person’s life, access to community and resources, and sense of self and community. I will not assume these identities are your focus in coming to therapy, or that they are impacting the current concerns you are bringing to therapy. However, I will hold space for exploring any of the ways that overt or covert oppression may be affecting you in the present day, over your lifetime, or through legacies of oppression and trauma. It is entirely up to you should you want or need to explore that in our work together.

My practice is based on the belief that each person’s intersectionality of identities, privileges, and oppressions can shape not only what is available to them in the world and how the world views them, but also how they view and move through the world. Race, gender, sexual orientation, relationship forms, class, ability, body size, age, employment, mental/physical/sexual health, immigration status/experience, and other factors all shape how you experience your set of identities within the communities you live and interact. I can understand the complexity of holding multiple identities that are marginalized within a variety of communities. Psychotherapy can be an incredibly valuable place to explore your concerns and get support for all of the parts of you and your experiences.