Intersectional Therapy

The therapeutic field has a long, shadowed legacy of perpetrating harm to those who do not embody the white supremacist idea of “normal” and who do not espouse white worldviews in this society. This includes race and ethnicity, however it also incorporates gender, sexuality, relationship models, family, community, work, life purpose, education, spirituality, emotions, physical/mental ability, body size/appearance, earth-connection, and more. It is my job to continue to dismantle my internalized whiteness as a white person and as a white therapist/healer working within this society. It is also my job to prioritize supporting you in embodying and aligning with the worldviews you hold that uplift, give meaning to, and empower you in your unique and sacred life.

It is my commitment to engage in ongoing dialogue, self-work, training, and education outside of my services – in order to be able to provide therapy that upholds, affirms, and celebrates the sacred gift of having many ways of being in this world, while de-centering white worldviews as the ideal or “normal” way of being.

This means that when you work with me, I will hold space for your worldviews and identity, and how they impact your self and life’s path. If we discover areas that bring you difficulty or suffering, or where you disagree with what you’ve been taught, we will work together to find your voice and vision, and integrate that on your path.

Every culture has gifts and shadows. It is also my job to help you explore those, decide what aligns for your unique life’s path, to integrate what serves and release the rest. Without imposing white values on to that.

This also means that in working with me, I will hold space for the impact of living in a society that centers and idealizes white worldviews and identity (through all the layers), and projects negativity and otherness on those who do not assimilate or embody those worldviews and identities. I will hold an understanding that experiences of oppression are often shrouded in gaslighting, and are nuanced, complex, and long-standing, as well as overt and clear – and that they shows up differently across identities and communities. I will hold an understanding of the trauma of living in a society where micro-aggressions are the very foundation, and overt oppression is expected. I will hold an understanding of the ways this trauma impacts your present day self, as well as the ways the trauma of violent oppression impacts generations and family legacies, and alters our ways of being in the world.

At the same time, I will also hold space for the incredible strength, resiliency, power, creativity, and sacredness that your generations and legacies hold – and the ways that you yourself embody those gifts – by being here, by being alive, by being you.

In this way, I hope to provide a space for you to find what healing means to you, and to discover your own unique, very necessary, and truly sacred way of being in this world.