Artists and Seekers

Art is the universe expressing itself through you. Artists are often also the seekers. Seekers of expression, of wisdom, of knowledge. Seekers of experiences, of understanding, of truth. Seekers of depth. Seekers of spirit.

Seekers of life.

At the same time, art is all too often coupled with the idea of suffering. It can be almost unknown how to create art from a place of exploration, fulfillment, perhaps even from what is sacred or special with you. To trust that your stumbling blocks, the places and times you feel cut off from your art or your spirit- can hold the keys to your own inner wisdom and healing. To know that your spiritual or artistic experiences don’t make you crazy, but can be integrated and embodied into your life. To imagine that you do not have to suffer for your art, but that your art in fact can be a place of pleasure and nourishment for you.

Your art and your seeking holds an alchemical process, where the questions you began with can reveal the true knowing that was there all along.

Whether you are an artist, a seeker, or both- therapy can support you in understanding the teachings of your unique gifts and process. It can help you integrate what you see and experience into making your life a work of true art. Your art. It can help you live into the questions, with pleasure, trust, and self-nourishment.