Animism, Ecospirituality, and Earth Based Healing

Animism, Ecospirituality, and Earth Based Healing practices are intersecting worldview systems based on the interconnectedness of the web of life and the timeless wisdom teachings of the Earth.  This wisdom and connection is available and accessible to every one of us, at any time. I incorporate healing aspects of these worldview systems into how I hold my work with every client. There is opportunity to go deeper into the work, should you want.

Our connection to a sense of belonging, of being part of the interconnected web of life, and of legacies of wisdom – as well as our sense of our internal knowing, true calling and compass, and our unique soul’s wisdom –  can get ruptured by trauma, oppression, and painful experiences. Disconnected from the web of life and cut off from our own internal core, we can begin to feel powerless. We may feel exhausted, drained of our life energy and purpose. Or we may just feel “not ourselves”.  

These healing practices can facilitate repair and growth for us on a embodied soul-level. We address these injuries through direct work with the spiritual, psychological, and energetic body – then integrating it back into your current life, relationships, and  self.

Through the use of sound and guided journey practice, Animism, Ecospirituality, and Earth Based Healing practices support you in moving past the conscious, every-day thinking mind into the deeper fields of your being. Here we can begin to directly access parts of you or your lineage that may need support. We can learn how they came to be, explore their interconnectedness to you and other living beings (including plants, animals, spirits of place, elements, and ancestors of lineage), and explore what is needed to heal. We can also connect you to your own inner healer and source of wisdom, which is innate to all.

Symptoms of dis-ease:

  • Feeling powerless
  • Exhaustion, depletion
  • Forgetting time and experiences
  • Scattered energy
  • Feeling “not yourself”
  • Phobias
  • Flashbacks

Sessions may include:

  • Power retrieval
  • Soul retrieval
  • Clearing energetic interference
  • Ancestral Lineage clearing
  • Sound and Arts Healing – Songs of Healing, Drum Healing, Poetry
  • Energy Medicine