Connect. Create. Heal.


When you’ve experienced trauma or any type of painful situation that sticks with you, it can affect every aspect of your life. Whether it just happened, or you’ve been dealing with this for years – I get it. Trauma shakes us to the core. Therapy can help.

I support people who have experienced trauma to heal their sense of trust, connection, and embodied aliveness. To discover the innate power and fullness of their own being.

This may look like healing from: childhood trauma and abuse, even if you don’t know what happened; painful experiences that you can’t seem to move past; chronic anxiety or a feeling that you can’t quite relax; critical and judgmental self-talk; a sense of being disconnected from your body and needs; relationship patterns that leave you feeling depleted, abandoned, or betrayed; fears of being “bad” or shame about parts of yourself that you wish didn’t exist; beliefs that to be truly compassionate and loving, you have to give up your own needs and boundaries; and feelings of grief and despair about life, the world, and the environment.

You are not alone. 

Expressive arts and somatic therapy, depth hypnosis, and shamanic counseling can help support you to: 

  • rebuild trust in yourself and the world
  • create a sense of safety within your own body
  • learn how to love and care for the sacred space of you
  • form relationships built on trust, loving mutuality, and growth
  • identify and honor your own needs and boundaries
  • reclaim the aliveness of who you truly are.

Reach out to see how I can be of support. It is an honor to walk beside you. 

I’m a licensed therapist and expressive arts practitioner (LMFT #109093), certified hypnotherapist, and applied shamanic practitioner. You can learn more about me, or reach out to connect at any time through email or at (415)545-8215. I look forward to speaking with you!