** If you need support during this time, please do reach out. All sessions are by phone and video. If you would like information on resources for your own wellbeing during this time, please check out this page. Let’s grow through this, together.

Self Love is a Sacred Path.

How can we hold the depths of our pain, wounds, and experiences – and still feel joy, love, and connection?

When you’ve experienced trauma, it affects every aspect of your life. It can be hard to relax into the things you love to do, or to feel safe enough to experience pleasure and connection with your body and this world. It can feel difficult to truly trust those around you – or even your own self.


You are so – much – more than what has been done to you.

Therapy can help you rediscover the you who exists beyond your trauma. Beyond your pain and anxiety.

Let’s work together to find that sacred, wise, essential self who was there all along, patiently waiting. Holding the light through every long night. Singing your way back home.

They never left.

I’m Phoenix, and I know two things to be true. First – you have everything you need within you to heal. Second – walking the path home to our true selves *is* self love. This is sacred, courageous, radical work.

And I am here for it.

Learn more about me, my offerings, what intersectional therapy means to me – or schedule your free consultation. It is an honor to walk beside you!