** If you need support during this time, please do reach out. All sessions are by phone and video. If you would like information on resources for your own wellbeing during this time, please check out this page. I will be updating it throughout this time.

This is a collective trauma we are all experiencing. If you have already experienced trauma, this time is likely to bring up your experiences again. You may have difficulty sleeping or eating, you may feel constantly on edge, you may be spending endless hours on the internet, you may be spiraling into self-hate, or you may be experiencing flashbacks. It is important to get support.

Remember – You are not alone.

Connect. Create. Heal.

When you’ve experienced trauma, it affects every aspect of your life. It can be hard to continue doing the things you used to love, or to trust those around you. You may find yourself constantly thinking about what happened, convinced no one else could understand, or anxious and scared to be alone. You may find it difficult to sleep or connect with others, or find yourself doubting your own truth and experience. You may be afraid if you slow down and really look at what you’re going through, your whole world will fall apart.

You are not alone.

Whether it just happened, or you’ve been dealing with this for years – I get it. Trauma shakes us to the core. If you’ve experienced childhood abuse, relationship abuse, a spiritual crisis, or another trauma – Therapy can help.

I’m Phoenix, and I believe that you have everything you need within you to heal.

Learn more about me, my offerings, schedule your free consultation, or reach out to connect . It is an honor to walk beside you!